I have been working quite steady and have does at least 100 approved and closed claims. I hope that next year will be even better for me . Due to the training and confidence that I have gained from Attending Mile High Academy and especially the boot camp there is no claim that I can't handle now.  I still need to tighten up on certain things like elevation measurements and sketches but some Adjuster companies have been extremely patient as well as helpful .I have a buddy that wants to attend Mile High next year . I already told him this is a no nonsense school and a no nonsense course. I plan on going to San Antonio in February for a conference to obtain some of my CE credits. I can't thank you guys enough for all you have done for me and my family. I had so much business I couldn't go on a CAT if I wanted to. Robert Wilkes

To the Mile High Team, I want to thank every person at the Mile High team, Kent the direct instructor with great knowledge of the insurance world and presentation, Mike the owner with his positive attitude and extensive understanding of the process, Virgie with her eagerness to help and prompt response to any emails, and Stephanie with her respectful and helpful knowledge of the paperwork needed for attaining the license. The team exceeded my expectations and had a true interest in our future, the whole class, not picking or choosing one over another. Listen to the instructor, especially Kent and save questions, he will answer them through out the class. Everybody in our class passed the test and I am grateful for this great experience.

I recommend doing both the class and boot camp, both very informative and I was unfortunately was not able to do the boot because I was hired by York Risk Service Group three days into the class and am writing this from Florida now, in addition, this is a commercial opportunity which is typically unheard of. York’s President even mentioned in our orientation they are hoping to team up with Mile High and that they are held in high regard. Thank you to all at Mile High, I am very grateful and recommend you guys to anyone who is looking to get into the adjusting world!

Respectfully, Fil Eretnev

Mike I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank You to you and the staff at Mile High Adjusters Academy. I have been running daily claims in North Dakota and learning something new every day. The training I received at Mile High gives me the confidence and courage to accept whatever challenges come my way. Thanks again. Derek Deslauriers

As an owner of a building and development company of 27 years I know first hand how important contacts are and foundational knowledge and experience is . Where the tire hits the pavement is “it's never what you know but who you know”. Even though I know building construction and working with people like the back of my hand I knew it wasn't enough to get out of the starting gate in this industry that is in need of adjusters but so very hard to break into. After getting my state license I started contacting I.A. Firms only to be disappointed due to being “new” and not having any credential of writing claims. I knew I needed to get up to speed in Xactamate so I considered taking an on line Xactamate coarse for a credential. I found Mile High's site a year prior and talked to Mike then, remembering what he told me about how important Xactamate is. It's the foundation of writing claims. I called Mike one more time and quickly made the decision to go to Denver to take his Xactamate coarse instead even though the expense was going to be allot more with travel of 1,000 miles, lodging and food for 3-4 days. I was not disappointed one bit! After taking the coarse I realized there is no way I could have learned Xactamate as quickly and easily with an on line coarse. Not only that but at Mile High the instructor is a level 3 where I could not even ascertain the experience level of the on line coarse instructor. Within a week after taking his coarse I felt comfortable working in Xactamate and what really got me going was the contacts Mike has and gives out to his students. I sent out my resume and Xactamate certification from the class to the contacts he provided. Within weeks I was on a number of rosters. I was told by most that I'd have to be called on a CAT assignment first before I would be trusted with Daily claims and would need to wait for an assignment. Well, at six weeks one company sent me a Daily claim to do and they've been coming ever since. First month out 13 claims from one firm and then another firm I was on their roster asked me to do a Daily claim and now another firm asked me to do Daily claims as they really need help! The expense to go to the coarse was recouped first week out! Without the classroom training and even more importantly the contacts I'm convinced I would still be knocking on doors as some seasoned adjusters have told me that it took a number of years to even get one claim once they got their license! Thanks Mike for the training and contacts! I highly recommend anyone wanting to break into this field to sign up with you!

I still remember finishing my first class back in 2012. The last day, you came in to announce you had just talked with one of the leading CAT adjusting firms about Hurricane Irene. You said their need was great and immediate. You informed us that anyone who could get to Charlotte, NC by the next Tuesday would be deployed. That's how I started my new career.

I want to thank you and your staff at Mile High Adjusters for your thorough training, developing your alumni roster and follow-up system. Over the years that I have been associated with Mile High Adjusters, I have counted on your guidance. Mike, for a man with as many demands on your time, I continue to be amazed how quickly you respond to my calls. I’m happy to be on you’re A Team.

Continued success, John Bynum Senior Adjuster 


I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You for the training and job preparation you did for me in a very information packed 8 days. Within 10 minutes of putting out my resume I had an email request to contact the HR director.  That phone conversation led to a Test Claim that went extremely well based on what I learned from your class. It took about 10 days to get everything finalized but as of today I am under contract and ready to accept daily claims once my Texas and MN License are secured. Its amazing to think you took a mortgage loan officer and turned him into an Insurance Adjuster whos' skills are needed and wanted in the industry in just 8 days. I am looking forward to a long career as an Independent Adjuster. Have a wonderful day!   Randy


“I went through the licensing course at Mile High Adjusters a little more than two years ago. The training and education that I received has taken my career to new heights. Within a month, I received my first hail claim and started working daily claims with a very reputable Insurance company. Over the last 2 years I have made a great living and am very pleased with my career change, all thanks to Mile High and Mike Popejoy. I have been to New York for Hurricane Sandy, Edmonton Canada, Calgary Canada, New Orleans, Pensacola and many other places for work and have worked claims from fire, floor, burglary, hail and wind just to name a few. I highly recommend Mile High for any training needed if anyone is looking for a great and exiting career.” Sincerely, Brent Landrum

“I just wanted to e-mail you and Mike (please forward  this to him) and tell you how helpful the class was. I was very impressed with both Chris and Shannon and their knowledge. I especially liked the team work between them because if someone was having a problem one of them could give one on one help and the other one could keep the class moving. Both are a real asset to Mile High Adjusters.” James Cooper


“Thanks for all of your help and assistance.  I was very impressed with your training methods and insights.  I believe it would be very difficult to jump into the claims world without this training.  I very much appreciate all that you have done and I hope to have the opportunity to serve you and MHA in the future.” Best regards, Terry Fenimore

“I took the Adjusters All-Lines Pre-Licensing, Basic Scoping and Adjusting, and Fundamentals of Xactimate classes, followed by the Boot Camp. I got so much out of all of the elements, every topic proved important and intertwined with one another. I was challenged in some of the topics, but it all made sense.I was immediately impressed with your staff, from the administrative side of the house, to our instructor, Marshall (who's heightened knowledge and great experience complimented all aspects of the classes), to the training facility (it's so obvious the facility had much thought put into it and the benefits during the Boot Camp were meaningful and countless), to your morning and intermediate discussions (aka "pep talks") rounded out the best and most realistic training I've ever been through.After 25 years of maintaining various construction, environmental remediation, IT, Gov't and project/program management certifications and licenses, I assure you that these courses, your staff, your facility and collective encouragement are without a doubt the most meaningful, realistic and valuable training I've ever encountered. Additionally, I will indeed recommend MHA without any hesitation, and with much enthusiasm. Please extend my thoughts to your staff too, they represent you very well.” Thanks again, Scott Benson


“Mike, Greetings from Toronto. I've been here exactly a month, doing sewer backup claims for Crawford & Co., and we have at least three more weeks work. The weather is nice and even the rough neighborhoods are clean.  This is a great job!  $425/day salary plus a $300/day per diem-  after taxes, hotel, rental car and expenses my math makes that about $420/day take home pay; or ~ $13k/month.  In my world that is great money, and I owe it to MHA training. Things that I learned at MHA that now make lots of sense, and are oh so important- Get XM8 certified- and practice a lot on the program Use F9 notes a lot- the estimator is a salesman, selling to the file examiner, and the examiner must have a reason to buy Make your scope notes detailed, and be sure to include what does NOT need to be replaced Take more photos than you need and take them in order of how you will need to write the estimate Learn how to draw stairs well, and learn how to put them in any part of the room Do things the way you are told- both by the insurance company and by your staffing firm.  If you don't want to do things their way, there is someone else who will. This is only my second deployment, my first was Sandy.  But after doing lots of roofs in Sandy and interiors here, I feel like I can adjust any type of residential loss! Again, thanks for the education.” David M. Smith, Jr


"I recently decided it was time for a career change. A friend told me about the adjuster training class that is offered through Mile High Adjusters. I completed the class and less than a year later I am as busy as I want to be. I work from home and I make twice the money I made in my old career. And, it all started when I enrolled in the Mile High Adjusters intro to being an independent adjuster course." - Tyler H. 

"As a "new"adjuster, I felt fortunate to be contacted to do daily claims in my area. Being my first claim assignment, I was naturally a bit nervous and kept thinking about the old cliche, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Naturally, I said yes and spent the next day and a half revisiting my notes from my MHA training and contacting them for advice. Discussing the claim and internal procedures with the company rep, I became more comfortable as the conversation progressed because I realized I understood what was needed and how to do it. We discussed scoping protocol, tools needed, Xactimate, and reports needed. Meeting with the insured and completing the damage assessment I returned home to jump into Xactimate to do my estimate and other Xactimate reports. Yes, it took me a while to wade through the process and I had a few questions that MHA were quick to assist me with, but overall I knew what to do. When it came time to submit my first claim, MHA helped with a final QA before submitting. The hail claim with total roof replacement went through without corrections. I'm confident my MHA training on my resume contributed to my chance to do my first claim. I'm absolutely positive my MHA training - CAT and especially the "Boot Camp" were the tools that gave me the skills and confidence to successfully complete six claims so far." - Greg 

"I attended Mile High Adjusters August of 2012 to take my pre-license exam and Xactimate training. The training that I received at Mile High propelled my adjusting career to a level that I didn't know possible. Not even a year later I am a full time adjuster receiving daily claims weekly and getting phone calls for deployment every time the wind blows seemingly. I can't express my gratitude enough to Mike, Marshall, Dennis and all of the staff at Mile High for the career that I now have." - Kevin V. 


"I recently attended Mile High Adjuster's Complete Adjusters Training (CAT) followed by the Adjusters' Boot Camp. I've been to many types of training at many different locations and this was one of the best, if not the best. The excellent facilities, professionally prepared materials, and outstanding instructors made this a true learning experience for me. The Boot Camp built upon the scoping and Xactimate methods from the CAT course through realistic scenarios of what you can expect to face in the field as an adjuster. Clint did an outstanding job of sharing his field experiences and methods for effectively processing claims.It was great to experience the "learning curve" in this realistic classroom environment versus "baptism by fire" on your first claims in the field. The "mock-up" house was invaluable for applying skills to a realistic situation. I feel so much better prepared to handle my first claims with confidence." - Greg C.

"I just wanted to say Thank you to you and your entire staff for a wonderful class and an opportunity for an exciting and profitable career. I look forward to seeing you and all the instructors again, possibly in the field or working with you." - Steve S.

"The end result on my first CAT was over 50 claims settled, along with some supplements, reinspections, and day rate. I got pretty good reviews from both Pilot staff and the insured. Best of all, I was successful at my first shot at my newly chosen profession,and I owe it in large part to the Mile High Adjusters training programs. Thanks guys, I'll be back for some refresher training." - Craig W.


"... we were most thankful for the training we received at Mile High Adjusters. We were glad we spent the extra time to take the post-licensing courses they offered. The class that prepared us most for our first deployment was the 7-day Boot Camp." - Robert and Margaret W.

"We have used a number of adjusters that have gone through your school with great success. I appreciate you passing them along in a position to be beneficial." - Tim (Nomad Adjusting)


"I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the training I received last week. The all-lines adjuster pre-licensing course was very detailed, and offered a lot of useful information, not to mention that it was "on-target" in regards to the Texas licensing test. The Scoping class was also full of good and useful information. I really enjoyed the 3 day Xactimate class taught by Dennis. (He is a good instructor, and he has a great "personality".) The classes were more than useful, and most enjoyable. Thanks for your great hospitality, and the opportunity to learn in a professional and friendly environment." - JR Nester


"I was skeptical of adjusting at first. I have a friend who called the Pacific Ocean the alleged Pacific Ocean because he had never seen it. That's how adjusting is, I knew the money was there but I never believed it. I have been here for 17 days and averaged about $800 a day and I'm only getting faster: I'm believing now. It's nice to apply yourself and have it pay off this way. Mile High gives a great leg to stand on for a green adjuster and great customer service. Thank you for giving me the tools to start a new interesting career." - Jonas M.

"As I am packing my truck to head to Maryland to work Hurricane Sandy, I decided to drop you a quick thank you. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your class. I feel it was very informative and has given me a way to turn my life around. As you know, I had a life changing injury a little while back that stopped me from doing any of the work I was able to do. This course and your guidance has given my family and I a new lease on life. This is my first CAT as you know since I just took your class a little over a month ago. Again, thank you so very much for everything. Anyone who is serious about adjusting and willing to put themselves out there will benefit from your school in ways they could not imagine. I have been told what my salary will be and without getting into it too much, I will say that it is way more than I have ever made before. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be in touch. Have a great day, talk to you soon." - James W. Brentner


"I decided to make the trip to the Mile High Boot Camp in January. It was a very good decision. The training I received during the 10 day course really brought the whole picture of the claims process in the real world into focus for me. I am now very confident in my ability to perform on a claim. The extra Xactimate training was without a doubt one of the most valuable aspects of the course. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about increasing their skill level." - Buck M.


"In June of 2011 I had the opportunity to go through my Texas license training with Mile High Adjusters, I applied with Insurance firms as Mile High advised and I was hired as a 1099 Inside Adjuster in mid August for the 2011 storms. I worked with a commercial account reviewing and processing claims up until this past January 2012. I recently attended Mile High's Boot Camp Training in and their instructor and staff did an excellent job of covering the HO policies, Xactimate, and report writing. This course is a fantastic course for the intermediate adjuster who needs to learn proper scoping and Xactimate techniques and it is great course for the advance adjuster who needs to brush up on some skills and receive their license renewal credit." -Dave K.


"Before I attended Mile High Adjusters in January of 2010 I sat in a "free seminar" to explore a career that was presented to me in the field by a seasoned adjuster. I decided to attend this training/education and jumped in with both feet not knowing the outcome of a new career path, or the opportunity that I was facing. When I completed this program I found out that success in life starts with a gut feeling leading you to an organization like Mile High Adjusters so you can open your wish book or finish your bucket list early. The amount of knowledge that is passed from Mike Popejoy and his instructors is incredible. I have done well over 300+ claims in my first year and the financial success that was presented, is truth in every way. I used the tools provided from Mile High to obtain freedom in life and create an abundance of joy. Thanks Mike for your guidance and continued support." - J. delHierro


"I became a licensed TX All-Lines Adjuster in January 2011 through the course at Mile High Adjusters. I followed up with the Xactimate, Basic Auto, and CCC Pathways courses. It's all valuable training and experience on the road to employment. In February, I was offered a job with [a large, well-known] Insurance carrier as a Property Claims Adjuster. I heard about this job opportunity while attending the Basic Auto class at Mile High. I can honestly say that everything that the owners and instructors at Mile High told us to do to gain employment works. Most importantly, they genuinely support their students to succeed in the marketplace after graduation. Listen to what they tell you to do and follow through. Thank you Mile High for my education and for sharing your knowledge and experience about how to succeed in this career." - Cindy Cornwell

"I am so happy I went through the course with Mile High Adjusters. I was hired [as a property claims adjuster] shortly after of taking the course. The instructors made it interesting and fun to learn. The entire staff makes one feel very comfortable and they are all very helpful. Thank you again Mile High Adjusters." - N. Laughlin


"I wanted to take the time to acknowledge Mile High Adjusters. I started training with Mile High, 10 months ago when I decided to shift my career from construction management to insurance adjusting. The training at Mile High gave me comfort with the estimating software, Xactimate. Now, with some serious effort, I am being deployed to work in Alabama with State Farm adjusting after the April 2011 tornados. I have worked in CT and MS during recent months in partnerships, team adjusting. My connections from Mile High led to my first partner adjusting gig. But now I am sure of my success on my own. If this is a path you are committed to, Mile High is a great place to train. You are not only being trained for a week or weekend, but you have access to support and free resitting of classes. This last option is a wonderful offering, because sometimes it takes experience not just exposure to these complicated methods in order to create efficiency. Mile High Adjusters offers quality training, outstanding support, and a committment to success. Thank You Mike and Mile High Adjusters!" - Stuart Allen


I was so impressed by Mile High Adjusters that I went back while they were having their class and let all the students know that I was happily employed and adjusting claims in CO just a few weeks after the class. I was not computer literate and barely knew how to turn on my computer! If I can do it…anyone can do it! The instructors were great, and I learned so much! " - Ben E.


 "I am working and making money only 3 weeks after I left your class. Thank-you so much for going over and beyond my expectations!" - Keith S.


"It's the best thing I ever did! I got a job within two weeks and am making great money!" - Aaron M.


"I am highly impressed by the knowledge of the staff and the real life situations that you teach. Your classes kept me interested and I can't believe the amount of useful information I received." - Stephen G.


 "Thank you so much for the great experience. Your hands on teaching and easy learning techniques made it simple and fun to learn! I appreciate how personable you all are. I will recommend your school to everyone I care about." - Craig I.


 “Just a note, I've been deployed to Frederick MD, working Auto Claims in the call center, for State Farm, starting April 17th, long term assignment, regular day rate, minus staffing firms cut. I wanted to thank you all, Marshall, Mike, Virgie, and all at Mile High Adjusters who have helped me get my new career started. You guys rock!” -John Hawks


I just wanted to express my gratitude for the tutoring, guidance and acceptance provided by you, your staff and many of the fellow boot-campers who assisted me as a student at MHA.I have recently accepted an adjuster position in Wichita, completing many wind/hail, flood and fire claims for various insurers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.  We utilize Xactimate and Symbility.  Keeping my "axe" sharp performing dailies and being home every evening has its advantages.  It's a fit AND a "hoot”. The exposure provided me for two weeks last December, 2013 was worth every penny. April 14th, Texas DOI approved my certification and provided my ID # over the phone.  I am currently waiting for the hard copy version via USPS. Once again, thanks to all of you!-Ric  Woolsey


I thought I would let you know that I was in Florida for a Pilot Catastrophic evaluation over two (2) days. I went through the intense evaluation process, testing and was placed on the roster for deployment. I received an employee # and all the good stuff including a drug test. So the only thing left is having them call me for deployment. Your program was instrumental in preparing me for the evaluation and testing and was well worth the time, effort and expense I put into getting to the class. Looking forward to meeting other Mile High graduates in the field.  Regards; Edward Dease


Hello Mike, This is my story: I attended the adjuster's school back in 2011 and was eager to start working right away. Every time I called Mike, he was available and guided me through the unknown. Setting up the licenses and certifications took lots of time and patients but, it all paid off as the storms came in. There was a dead year and nothing happened and I wanted to quit but, I held on and made it through the hard and slow times; now I have plenty of work locally and out of state with several firms;(I even have to pass by the offers I get all the time). As I look back, it was worth the effort and perseverance to make it all happen. With the right mindset, patience, a little bit of faith and prayer, one can make it too.

Mike, I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me make it and prosper as an Independent Adjuster.  - Alex 

 I wanted a Career change and researched Insurance Adjusting that a friend told me about . I studied and obtained my Adjuster License. But it did not end there I found out about Mile High Adjusters and took the class for Xactimate , Scoping and Texas all Lines back in 2011 This by far was the best thing that I did . I have now got over 1000 plus claims closed . If it was not for Mike Popejoy and the staff at Mile High Adjusters I would not be where I am today and with that said I want to thank you all at Mile High Adjusters for everything you have done for me and Mile High Adjusters are the best. D. TEASLEY, DURHAM,NC.


Hey Steph and Marshall!  I just wanted to give you an update as to how Scott and I are doing, but more importantly WHY things are going so great for us. Steph, as you know, Scott and I met Brad Grusendorf at an RV park in Missouri back in April. I spent 3 days networking with him and building a relationship. 3 days in, he liked us so much he decided to call another company he has worked with to try and get us a job. I had been trying and trying with other companies, but we were just being put on rosters. The one call Brad made gave us a job the next day. We were sent to Hot Springs, AR, as a test, little did we know. They gave us 8 claims. We took a chance and left our job to try and make things happen. We got there and finished our 8 claims in 3 days. Arkansas ran dry and they called and said, "Congrats, you've passed your test. We have no more claims here, but would you like to go to San Antonio." 


We've been in San Antonio since the end of April and it's been amazing!!! What is the point of me telling you all of this? Well, we got into a rough patch right after we got to San Antonio. We got those 50 claims and we were the only adjusters here in San Antonio. Of course, I didn't listen to Marshall when he said to stay consistent and steady. I thought, "Oh, well, we did 8 claims in 3 days, no biggie, we can handle this." I didn't realize we would be working for 2 insurance companies, Safeco and Liberty, so it became difficult fast trying to learn both. We got backed up so much, scoped 18 claims in 3 days and only turned in 6. We thought we had 5 days to turn the claims in, but they wanted them turned in ASAP, the same day. They called us over to the team lead's hotel to see what was going on and how they could help us. We knew our job was on the line and we were about to sink or swim. We went to his hotel and in 2 hours, I turned in 10 claims. Adrenaline must have kicked in or something, but my point is...had I not taken the boot camp course, we would have sank. Scott stared at me like a deer in headlights. I was flying through claims, I knew how to stack PDF's and the pressure was nothing. The team lead said he couldn't even move that fast. This proved to them that we just had in fact stumbled a bit, but were perfectly fine. The next three days, we turned in 24 claims and worked 18 hours a day. All of which would not be possible without the boot camp. We recovered ourselves and were selected to stay for clean up over 10 others and since have received 150 claims, totaling 200 claims and we're still going strong. They give us personal commendations all the time about how well we are doing, how flexible we are and how great it is to be a part of their team. (Them being PaceSetter Claims). 

 I can only hope that you understand how much taking those courses at Mile High helped us to be successful. Sure, I think you can take a class online and get licensed or certified in Xactimate, but what about real life application? Scott had been a roofing salesman and thought, "I can do this job, no big deal." But, the boot camp teaches you how to deal with pressure and operate through everything. The scoping and the turning in of estimates are completely different skills. I just want to THANK YOU soooo much for making the classes worth our time and starting our career. We now have several offers from other companies, one being Wardlaw from that career fair. 

 Please feel free to share this with anyone. I can only hope they learn from it and decide to do the bootcamp, in addition to listening to Marshall when he tells you to stay steady and consistent. We're about 7 weeks in and turning in 6-7 claims a day, but now it's a piece of cake and we are top producers at the company. I couldn't have taken a better chance when responding to Mike's craigslist post ;)  April and Scott 

To the Mile High Team, I just wanted to thank all of you for the training that I received at Mile High. The information that I received starting with Policy all the way through Boot Camp made all the difference in the world. I tested on 12/04/2015 and passed the State Farm Certification for Policy and Estimatics (there version of Xactimate without the computer).  I am looking forward to getting deployed in the near future and hope that it is with a company that is as well versed as Mile High. Best regards, Charles


Good Afternoon Virgie ,Dacia ,Mike, ,Marshall and Greg, & Stephanie. I just wanted to send you all a note of thanks and eternal gratitude for sharing your vast knowledge with me and Introducing to me a brand new world to support me and my family. I promise to be a shining example of what an AI should be and I will tell all who wish to join this adventurous as well as lucrative career that I learned everything I know from Mile High adjusters. I made it home safely after a 24 hour delay at Denver Airport. I was on the runway waiting on the plane for an  hour and a half before the pilot said all flights were cancelled. The entire airport was shut down and I had to stand on the line for customer service for seven (7) hours to be put on another flight at 10:30 AM which was rescheduled to 3:00PM. I arrived at Newark Airport a my first t 8:30PM in the evening where my wife picked me up for an additional two hours drive to Pennsylvania. Would I do it again? YES! WITHOUT HESITATION JUST TO GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE AND BECOME THE BEST AI THAT I COULD EVER BE. We are all joined at the hip and are family now. I will need your continued guidance in obtaining my first claim but of course I will not rely entirely on you as I was taught. But I will be sending in my first claim for your continued guidance and support. Best Regards, Robert Wilkes  


 Mike, I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that I have received my first claims in my local area for Wardlaw. It took me just over 1 month to get up and running after attending classes(Scoping and Adjusting Basics, Fundamentals of Exactimate, Boot Camp and TX Pre-License). I have continued education while I was submitting for jobs, and I just wanted you to know how the training at MHA was extremely valuable. Always something new to learn, and it gave me knowledge and confidence making the career change from Mortgage Banker to a Independent Adjuster. Anyone looking for career changes that are serious, I would recommend them to attend MHA courses if independent adjusting is something they wanted to do. Thanks Again! Dennis Trujillo III Independent Adjuster